Ten years in the making,
The Fool and his Money
is ready to play.
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My current project
is a fantastical adventure of
Wood, Vapor, and Flesh.

Tree of Stone

You can play the Classic Mac versions of The Fool’s Errand, At the Carnival, and 3 in Three
on Windows XP & upward using the Executor emulator. Click here for details.
     You can write me at cliff@thefoolandhismoney.com.

If you have a B&W Mini vMac (System 6.08 disk image), here are the 3 .dsk files.
(Generously donated by Ben Jacobs-Swearingen.)

Just Adventure Interview 2012 WIRED Interview 2012 VG Archive Interview 2012
with Greg Collins with Mike Selinker with Richard Moss

“Cliff Johnson's The Fool & His Money is a great game. Puzzle fanatics will be talking about and analyzing it for decades, just as they still do the original Fool's Errand. I’m happy to award, for the first time in my reviewing career, The Fool & His Money, a long-overdue but well-deserved A plus. We, God forbid, may never see another game of its genius and quality in our lifetimes... ”

Greg CollinsJust AdventureReview

“It was worth the wait. It was worth all the wait. If you loved The Fool's Errand, you'll love The Fool and His Money, and even if you've never played the original, those among us who fill out GAMES Magazine's Pencilwise section in ink, will have a lot to like. It is by no means a game that can be rushed through with no effort... Every puzzle has a logic to it that may be befuddling at first but perfectly obvious in retrospect. Every tiny step you push forward in the plot will make you feel very smart indeed...”

Patrick Augustine JayIsGames Review Walkthrough

“I highly recommend this game to folks who love puzzles, remember the old Fool’s Errand game fondly, or simply want a diversion that doesn’t require expert hand-eye coordination. I’m not a gamer by any means, but I have been enjoying my time with Cliff Johnson’s latest masterpiece... The nearly ten year wait was worth every day and I hope we get at least one more great game from the man who I still regard as the foremost expert at puzzle game design...”

Scott BaretMac 512 Review

“You should play this game — if you like puzzles, if you like challenges, if you like working all-out on crazy-hard puzzles where they barely even tell you the rules. The Fool's Errand was a great game; The Fool and His Money is a better game...”

Andrew PlotkinGameshelfReview — (Opinion)

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Download The Fool and his Money Teaser (with Prologue & five Bewitchments)
for Macintosh or Windows.