To download the Instruction Manuals, right-click and select Save Link As...

Once downloaded, then unzip

Mini vMac emulator

GOOD NEWS: It works. Easy to install. BAD NEWS: Black & white only.


(1) Right-click and select Save Link As...

(2) Unzip

(3) Double-click Mini It will open with an annoying clang.

(4) Drag System.dsk onto the Mini window.

(5) Drag 1-The Fools Errand.dsk onto the Mini window.

(6) Drag 2-At the Carnival.dsk onto the Mini window.

(7) Drag 3 in Three.dsk onto the Mini window.

(8) Double-Click a game to open it.

(9) Under Game File, select Open to select a Saved Game.

You cannot double-click a Saved Game from the desktop to open that game.

(10) Use Quit in the Game menu to quit the game.

(14) To quit the desktop, press CTRL-Q, and while still holding the CTRL key, press Y.

Yes, the CTRL key.

Do not click the Close Window button in the upper right. It hates that.


Mac Classic

GOOD NEWS: It works. Has color. BAD NEWS: You must own a Mac running Classic Mode.


(1) Right-click and select Save Link As...

(2) Then unzip

(3) Run the games with a 256-color setting.

Even The Fool’s Errand, which is black & white.


Other Emulators

I’ve heard tell of other applications, like Basilisk and Sheepshaver, but I don’t know much more than that.


Play it on Windows

Irony, my old friend, we meet again. Go to Windows Downloads.


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