To download the Instruction Manuals, right-click and select Save Link As...

Once downloaded, then unzip

Mini vMac - GOOD NEWS: It works. Easy to install. - BAD NEWS: Black & white only. Also, see below.
Executor - GOOD NEWS: It works. Displays color. - BAD NEWS: Requires some installation. Windows XP only.

Mini vMac emulator


(1) Right-click and select Save Link As...

(2) Unzip

(3) Double-click Mini vMac.exe. It will open with an annoying clang.


(4) Under File, select Open Disk Image...

(5) Then select System.dsk.


(6) Under File, select Open Disk Image...

(7) Then select 1-The Fools Errand.dsk.

(8) Under File, select Open Disk Image...

(9) Then select 2-At the Carnival.dsk.

(10) Under File, select Open Disk Image...

(11) Then select 3 in Three.dsk.



There are two sets of menus. The Mini vMac menu, no longer needed. The System/Game menu, always.

The Apple Menu displays a museum of relics.


(12) Double-Click a game to open it.

(13) Under Game File, select Open. to select a Saved Game.

You cannot double-click a Saved Game from the desktop to open that game.

(14) Use Quit in the Game menu to quit the game.

(15) To quit the desktop, press CTRL-Q, and while still holding the CTRL key, press Y.

Do not click the Close Window button in the upper left. It hates that.

- - - - - - -

Unfortunately, the way Mini vMac works, you cannot see The Finale of The Fool’s Errand.

I am working on having a video made of The Finale to remedy this.

However, At the Carnival and 3 in Three work fine all the way through.


If you've encountered a bug when solving the Sun’s Map in Executor, click here.


Installing Executor


(1) If you already have an expired version of Executor, uninstall it.

(2) Right-click and select Save Link As...

(3) Unzip

(4) For Windows XP, double-click to run.

For systems beyond Windows XP, right-click Executor
and choose Run as Administrator for registration only.

(5) Type in the serial number: 99991004.

(6) Type in the authentication key: n9rk57f369byp.

Alas, you need to type these in manually. No copy-and-paste allowed. Dang nab it.

(7) Launch Executor Win32 Demo (not the full screen version).

(8) Press ALT-SHIFT-5 to get this dialog box. Make the following adjustments.



Downloading Games


(9) Right-click and select Save Link As...

(10) Unzip

(11) Place this folder inside the Executor folder inside Program Files folder inside C drive.



(12) Click the File Cabinet icon.

(13) Click the C/: icon to reveal a dialogue box.

(14) Double-click to open your Game folder.

Now the Macintosh icons appear.

Executor has some peculiar ideas about file launching. So follow these guidelines.

To view The Fool’s Errand - Prologue, double-click     

To play The Fool’s Errand, double-click  not

To view The Fool’s Errand - Finale, double-click  not

To play At the Carnival, double-click  not

To play 3 in Three, double-click  not

Executor Quirks

If you double-click any saved game, it launches the proper application, but it never loads that data into that application.

Instead, once inside an application, you need to load the saved game manually by using the File Menu/Open command.

Also, the space character is mysteriously missing from the font alphabet.

There is limited application memory in Executor.
This doesn’t affect game play or functionality, however, in 3 in Three, it does display some curious graphic artifacts.

If Executor crashes just as you solve the Sun’s Map, here your solution

Right-click and select Save Link As...

Then unzip

Put these two files inside your Game folder inside the Executor folder.

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